Welcome to Four Ashes

Remaining largely unaltered, even untouched, for the last one hundred years, Four Ashes Hall lies in historic gardens and grounds of the private Four Ashes Estate. We are working to conserve and restore the estate for the future.




Four Ashes Hall & Estate was started around 1660 by Henry Wollaston who came from a tanning family further north in Staffordshire and forms the core of the house today.

Passing through the generations the estate has remained in the same family for 350 years. A lack of change or modernisation over this time has resulted in something of a time capsule.

In 1997 Stephen Thompson became the latest member of the family to inherit and he is now in the process of restoring the house, outbuildings and gardens.

Further Reading

A History of the Family, House, Gardens and Estate


Four Ashes Estate has a number of on going restoration projects to preserve and maintain both the fabric and environment of the estate for the future.

These include the second phase of the Stable block, the Bath House and Pools restoration, the green houses and vinery.

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The Stable Block
The Bath House and Bathing Pools

Conservation & Farming

Four Ashes Estate is involved in various conservation projects to improve the environment around the estate from woodland conservation and tree planting to local farming.

We are also invoved in education projects to show the past and help develop skills for the future.

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Conservation Farming and Education
Environment Stewardship Schemes

History Tours

Four Ashes Hall and grounds are open for history tours at various times through the year enabling you to see the ongoing restoration work and a number of the rooms in the house.

Currently they are suspended due to the ongoing situation but here are some photos from a recent tour.